Hi Tallahassee!

There are a lot of great coupon sites out there, but I found that sometimes their sales and deals weren’t offered in the Tallahassee area – causing a lot of disappointment once I researched with our stores. I decided to create a blog to help Tallahassee families avoid that same disappointment and catch the best grocery deals Tallahassee has to offer.

I try to only post deals that I think are worth the time and effort, and will be beneficial to a household. I don’t think rushing to Walgreens to use a coupon to get a king sized Snicker bar for $0.84 is worth the effort, but I think rushing to Publix to use two coupons to get two packs of Stayfree pads for $0.73 each is worth it. The Snickers bar will probably be demolished before you even put your car in drive (at least it would in my hands), but two packs of Stayfree pads will definitely get a female through a week at the least!

My posts are usually focused more on grocery items, especially grocery items leaning more towards the “healthier” side but I do sneak in a guilty pleasure deal every once in a while (Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for under $1 each is just too good to pass up). I don’t know about you, but it seems like eating healthy or buying “healthier” food items isn’t really budget friendly and deals are sometimes hard to find when you have ad after ad, coupon after coupon of $1 microwavable meals and shampoo. Hopefully my blog can help you bring healthier items in your household without hurting your budget.

I’m big on family and will try to post cheap family events around the Tallahassee area as well. These events will usually have a pinch of education (either academic or social) but a ton of fun!

I’ll be honest, between a full-time job, family life, and the intent to only post dirt cheap deals – my posts aren’t daily. So make sure to click the Follow button at the bottom of the page so you won’t miss any of the ‘spontaneous’ deals I post!

Happy shopping everyone!